Increase Metabolism

Simple And Effective Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

How To Increase Metabolism?

More calories are burnt when you increase metabolism. It is a definitely great boost to any weight loss effort. You might be wondering how to increase metabolism so that you can lose weight faster and more effectively. We will share with you some simple and effective ways to help you boost your metabolic rate. They are not too taxing and only require a little amount of your time and effort to put into play.

Most people working in Singapore has to put in long hours at work. If you are doing a desk job, that would entail long hours of siting. This lack of physical activities during the day greatly contributes to a sluggish metabolism.

The methods to increase metabolism that we are going to share with you, do not require you to participate in any form of exercise, they are flexible and can be applied to weight loss programs that includes/ excludes exercise.

In addition to increasing metabolism to aid in weight loss, an effective diet plan is also very crucial for successful weight management.


How To Increase Metabolism That Is Simple And Effective?


Increase Protein In Your Diet To Increase Your Metabolism

Ensure that you include protein in your diet. Studies have shown that protein can increase calorie burn after meals up to 35%. You can add more lean meat or nuts into your meals, or add protein supplements into your smoothies or shakes.

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Eat Fish Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish like salmon, herring and tuna contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your body. Omega-3 balances blood-sugar levels and reduce inflammation, helping your body to regulate metabolism. They may also assist in reducing your body’s resistance to leptin, a hormone linked to the speed at which fat is burned off. A study conducted in obesity research has found that rats that consumed large doses of omega-3s while exercising lost weight. The recommended dosage for daily omega-3 intake is 1,000 to 2,000mg. Stay away from trans fat however, as it makes slows down your metabolism (it makes it difficult for the body to burn fat).

Green Tea And Herbal Tea

Teas contain caffeine, which is a stimulant for your central nervous system—daily doses of caffeine (within moderation of course!), can increase metabolism by 5% to 8% (approximately 98 – 174 calories a day). A Japanese study found that a cup of freshly brewed tea can increase your metabolism by 12%.

Green tea has been heralded for its antioxidant qualities. Apart from this, new evidence shows that an active ingredient, catechin, which is found in caffeine, increases metabolism. Research conducted on dieters have found that those who consumed green tea lost more weight than those who didn’t. this suggests that catechins may lead to an improvement in oxidising fat and thermogenesis (your body’s production of energy, or heat, from digestion). Green tea is easily available in supermarket and are commonly served in various eateries in Singapore. Request for green tea instead of soft drinks or sweet beverages for a start.

Avoid Slashing Too Much Calories

Rather than focus only on cutting calories, make sure you are eating enough. Losing weight requires you to reduce calorie intake, but overdoing it will have reverse effects on your metabolism. If you cut too many calories, your body will react thinking that your body lacks energy, and put sncalorie burning on hold in order to conserve energy. This means your metabolism decreases instead. This might lead to a weight loss plateau. Don’t skip meals in order to keep your body and your metabolism running.

To maintain/increase metabolism during your weight loss programme, make sure that your calorie intake matches your resting/basal metabolic rate (this is the minimum that you must maintain to keep your metabolic rate running). If you are unsure of what your basal metabolic rate is, you may calculate it online at this website:

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