Lose Belly Fat Fast

6 Simple Diet Changes

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Wondering how to lose belly fat so that your tummy won’t gets in the way of your dressing? Singapore is a well-known food paradise. With so much temptation around you, you might think that losing those unsightly bulges requires too much effort. You could not be more wrong. With these 6 simple diet changes that we are going to share with you, you can now lose those love handles for good.

The importance of getting rid of fat around your tummy goes beyond vanity’s sake. Visceral fat, also known as intra-abdominal fat, is stored within the abdominal cavity and can also be found stored around important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines.

Visceral fat protects your organs but having too much is bad. Hence, the amount of visceral fat you have is also a health risk—having high levels of visceral fat is associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and some cancers.

How Much Belly Fat Is Considered Too Much?


Indicator 1: Waist Circumference

Taking note of your waist circumference can help you monitor/ look out for possible health risks associated with being overweight according to National Institute of Health in US. If the fat in your body tends to accumulate around your waist rather than at your hips, it is an indicator that you have a higher chance for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This risk gets higher when your waist size exceeds 35 inches (approximately 88.9cm) for women, or 40 inches (101.6cm) for men.

To measure your waist, wrap the tape measure around your body at the smallest point above your hips and below your rib cage. Remember to breathe out when you are measuring yourself.

Is your waistline getting out of hand or your BMI is sky-rocketing? Then it is time to seriously consider going on a weight management program. Our weight loss diet plan and programs are tailored to suit varying needs. Our diet meal plans are not only nutritious but also delicious hence you don’t have to suffer just because you have to lose some weight.

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Indicator 2: BMI (Body Mass Index)

Calculating your BMI and keeping track of it can help you estimate the amount of body fat you have. The results are based on your height and weight, and can provide you with a gauge of your risk for fat-related diseases. A higher BMI translates into higher risk. There are some limitations, however. It may overestimate fat in muscular or toned individuals and underestimate fat in those who have low muscle content in their body.
An average person should not have fat that comprises more than 30% of their weight.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast? – 6 Simple Diet Changes


Tip #1: Lose Belly Fat By Eating More Protein

  • Protein is essential for slimming down and losing belly fat
  • It is one of the most effective changes you can make to your diet as it reduces food cravings, satisfies and curbs hunger, and boosts your body’s overall metabolism.
  • It can also help you to avoid putting on weight again after you have stopped your weight loss program.
  • It is also proven that people to eat more and better sources of protein maintain lower levels of body fat, and are better able to manage their weight.
  • You can add protein to your drinks (protein powder or yoghurt), and include a source of protein in your meals
  • Sources of good protein include lean meats, soy, milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, and fish


Tip #2: Be Cautious When Consuming Fat In Food

  • Not all types of fat are bad for you, but note that saturated fat tends to add on more visceral fat to your body than polyunsaturated ones.
  • What you want to focus on consuming is polyunsaturated fat, which can help you from adding on to your existing belly fat. Polyunsaturated fat can be found in nuts, seeds and fish. An easy and convenient way to consume healthy fat would be fish oil supplements which are rich in Omega-3.
  • Remember that you need to consume some form of fat even if you are on a weight loss diet as it will keep you satisfied, and help you feel full longer. Saturated fat, on the other hand, will increase your resistance to leptin, which controls satiety levels.


Tip #3: Avoid Trans Fat At All Costs!

Trans fat is the worst type of fat to consume (Yes, it is worse than saturated fat!) –  it is a processed fat formed through hydrogenation to prevent originally healthy oils from turning rancid.

Trans fat harms the body in many ways:

  • It causes fat to be redistributed around your belly
  • It increases the level of bad cholesterol and decrease the level of good cholesterol
  • It increases resistance to insulin
  • It increases the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease
  • It causes weight gain

Trans fat can be found in margarine, spreads, pastries, and some processed food.

Read through and familiarise yourself with food labels before purchasing items at the supermarket to avoid buying products with trans fat.


Tip #4: Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

  • Numerous studies have shown that low-carb diets result in 2 – 3 times more weight loss as compared to low-fat diets alone.
  • What happens is this: when you cut down on carbohydrate intake (perhaps substitute it for more protein or fibre), your overall appetite will eventually become smaller, and you lose weight because you will tend to eat less on a smaller appetite.
  • For a start, you can avoid processed carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta. When you dine out in hawker centres or food courts in Singapore, you can request for lesser rice or substitute with brown rice if it is available.


Tip #5: For A Flatter Tummy – Increase Fibre Intake.

  • Having more fibre in your meals will help in slowing down your digestive system and increase the absorption of nutrients. The result of this is that you will feel full longer, and you will feel less ravenous at your next meal.
  • It promotes healthy bowel movement—you will feel less bloated if you are prone to constipation
  • Most types of fibre are good for you, but soluble fibre especially, appears to be an effective fat fighter. Sources of soluble fibre include oatmeal and apples.
  • A study shown on NCBI found that for every 10g of soluble fibre consumed daily, there was a 3.7% decrease in visceral fat over the next 5 years.
  • If you don’t like fruits and vegetables, you can consider getting fibre supplements instead.


Tip #6: If You Are Serious About Losing Belly Fat – Avoid Sugary Drinks And Artificially Sweetened Beverages

  • Soft drinks tend to be packed with high amounts of empty calories—these calories do nothing for your body but contribute to weight gain and are obviously a diet disaster. Even the drinks that claim to be sugar-free still add inches to your waistline.
  • A study conducted in 2012 that was published in the journal of Obesity found that regular sodas were associated with increasing waistlines, BMI and the total percentage of fat in a body. Even the diet/light/sugar-free versions of soda don’t help.
  • Artificial sweeteners in these low/no-sugar versions may not add to the consumption of calories, but it confuses your body’s hunger signals and may cause you to crave (and eventually consume) additional calories that you don’t need to make up for the lack of calories in the low/no-sugar sodas.
  • Instead of sodas, try taking tea instead, and if you need some sugar, choose to add honey or raw unrefined sugar instead of processed fine/white sugar.
  • These are the basic 6 simple diet changes you can make to your diet to lose belly fat. Before you move on to more detailed changes, start with these and monitor your progress, and you should see some positive results in your weight loss effort!

If you are seeking to lose belly fat faster and more effectively, complement those tips we have given you with our weight loss program.

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