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Lose Weight In A Month

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Lose Weight In A Month

Want to know how you can lose weight in a month? If you are like most people working in Singapore, you may be too busy or too tired from work to cook. Hence, dining out is the most convenient option. If so, you might start realising that the weight is creeping up on you due to stress-eating and those late night supper after working late. You realise that it is time to put in some effort in controlling your weight as your clothes are getting tighter or you can’t go up a flight of stairs without getting out of breathe.

Fret not, if you are looking to lose some weight ranging from 2 to 8kg, we have a 30-day diet plan that can be tailored to suit your needs.

30-Day Diet Plan – Lose 2kg to 8kg

This plan is a combination of the short term diet plans discussed earlier, such as the 3-day diet plan. The short term plans serve as a starter plan to pave the way and increase the effectiveness of the 30-day diet plan. The results of this plan varies between 2kg to 8kg, and help you to not only lose weight, but to manage your weight as well.

What Our 30-day Diet Plan Can Do For You

As the duration of these dieting programs span over 30 days, there will be more obvious reduction in body fat percentage and visceral fat. As mentioned before, you will be able to see a loss of up to 8kg (or more, depending on individual’s body condition). As this will be considered as a gradual loss of weight, hence it is healthier.

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What Happens If You Hit a Plateau During The 30-Day Diet Plan?

During your 30-day diet plan, do not worry if you see a plateau in your weight loss as it is part and parcel of slimming down.

Some reasons for the plateau are:

  • Metabolic adaptation—when you begin to lose weight, your metabolism will drop and your body will burn less calories than it did when you were heavier. Hence the amount of calories you burn will less and your weight loss will also slow down.
  • Not adhering to the diet plan—some people may backslide and break their plan or overeat. If you are prone to snacking, ensure that you have healthier choices on hand—instead of milk chocolate, choose dark chocolate, or instead of candy, have fruits instead. Remember that you know yourself and your body best; if you experience cravings often, try to distract yourself with something else as cravings tend to last only for a couple of minutes (watch a video or do some static exercises!).

It is important to note the causes of weight loss plateaus and how you can cope with them. One such method is by having a support group from the start of your program all the way through to sustaining your weight loss. They can help to ensure that you do not stray from the guidelines and serve as a form of motivation for you during your dieting program. Even if you do get off track, the support group will be able to help you get back on track.

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