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Lose Weight In A Week

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Lose Weight In A Week

How can you lose weight in a week? Let us share with you the ways…
So you’ve tried and conquered the 3-day diet plan and you’re up and ready for the next step, but you’re not too sure if you can commit to one of those long-term weight loss programs yet. Or perhaps you are just looking to lose some weight you have put on due to over-eating during one of the many festive holidays in Singapore? Fret not, we have some short to mid-term weight loss diet plans to help you.

Mid-Term Weight Loss Diet Plan

There are 2 mid-term options.

These two weight loss diet plans are to help you jump-start your longer term weight loss for greater weight reduction (for people who need to lose a lot of weight). As well as, for those who are looking to lose just 1 to 3 kg. It is effective and yet short enough so that most people will find it easy to adhere to.

You can check out our 3-day diet plan for ways in which you can lose water retention and weight.

7-Day Weight Loss Diet Plan

For the 7-day diet plan, we will look at more foods and tips you can consider for a mid-length diet plan.

  • Reduce salt and starch intake – you may not lose a whole lot of fat this way, but you can cut weight from fluids in your body.
  • Cut down consumption of animal fat found in meat and dairy products. Focus on lean meat (skinless too), soy and fish.
  • Increasing consumption of food with high fibre will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
  • Don’t skip meals – it may cause you to overeat at your next meal.
  • Avoid storing or purchasing junk food that you know you will be tempted to eat or snack on at home.
  • Keep yourself active – both to burn off the calories and to keep yourself from eating when you’re bored.

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On top of the tips mentioned above, we have products and weight loss programs that are effective and yet easy to adhere to for effective weight control.

Long-Term Weight Management

This 7-day diet plan is a good way to begin your longer termed weight loss program. It also ideal for people who just need to lose a little weight.

For greater weight reduction and permanent weight management, a longer term strategies and life-style changes will be required.

Many people in Singapore are too busy to cook and hence tend to eat out most of the time. Food served in food courts and restaurants are usually high in calories, and are highly seasoned with salt and msg. Hence, it is not surprising that most dieters will see a rebound in their weight when they fall back to their usual eating habits.

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