Lose Weight Without Exercise

No Exercise Weight-Loss Program

Lose Weight Without Exercise

How should you go about to lose weight without exercise? You may be like most people in Singapore who are either too busy with work and have no additional time for exercise, or are simply too tired after putting long hours at the office to exercise. You might think that losing weight without exercise is unlikely.

However, for some people, they been exercising and just can’t seem to get the results, here’s the reason why.


Excercise May Not Be Quite As Effective in Losing Weight

Recent studies have shown that keeping active and exercising may not be quite as effective in weight loss as we traditionally thought. Exercise does not necessarily equate to burning calories and clear weight loss results. This is because the body’s metabolic rate may adapt to high levels of physical activity and make up for it by conserving extra energy in the body or put the body in a resting state for a longer period of time, preventing the calories from getting burned off.

In essence, the body may reach a state where energy expenditure hits a plateau—too little exercise is unhealthy and too much exercise may also cause calorie levels to stagnate. Exercise is good for health, strength, general well-being and a whole list of other things. But when it comes to weight loss, it’s almost all about what you eat.

If you are not a big fan of the gym or hate sweating outdoor, you could lose weight by just watching what you eat.

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So if exercise has limits as to how much it can help, what can you do to lose weight without exercise?

Take On A No Exercise Weight Loss Program


Optimise Your Level Of Ketosis

Ketosis is a state in which your body burns the most fats. One way to trigger this is by consuming a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet lowers the amount of insulin in your body, causing the fats in your body to shrink and release energy that has been stored up. When stored energy is released, you will also feel less hungry and you will consume less calories as well.

Eat Real Food

Avoid preserved and artificial food or ingredients. This includes canned food, candy and sugary drinks.

If you’re tight on time, consider meal replacements. However, do make sure that you take meal replacements that have sufficient protein in each serving.

Take Up A Sustainable No Exercise Weight Loss Program

The keyword here is sustainable. You don’t want to be going on a rigid and restrictive diet plan only to realise that it isn’t going to fit into your daily routine, then stop halfway and backslide. Instead, choose a weight management program that will allow you to set milestones that are attainable, and you will enjoy the benefits of your progress.

In conclusion, it is possible to lose weight without exercise in Singapore. The first step to losing weight begins with reviewing your current eating habits and analysing the food that is causing you to put on unwanted calories. While exercising definitely has its merits, it does not comprise of the bulk of most weight loss programs, but is a tool to help you along to keep busy and active.

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