Post-Pregnancy Diet Singapore - Lose The Baby Weight After Pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy Diet

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Post-Pregnancy Diet

Are you looking for a healthy and effective way to go on a post-pregnancy diet to lose some baby weight? Most mums want to regain their pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible (feeling bloated for 10 months is long enough!); but what should you keep in mind when planning a post-partum diet plan?

Post-Pregnancy Diet Plan – Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss and Better Recovery

The birth of a child is a huge milestone in life; and most mums are kept on their toes when the little one arrives. This might translate into lack of sleep, stress from adjustments in your schedule and environment.

Despite all of this, it is important that you plan your post-pregnancy diet well as it is important to ensure that you recover well, and not just focus on losing weight.

Most mothers in Singapore are given a 4-month paid maternity leave, after which many would choose to go back to work due to financial reason and work obligation. Hence, it is important that mothers focus on taking care of the baby and also her health during this period.

It is thus, important to choose a weight loss program that is not only healthy but also safe for mothers, especially those who are breast-feeding.

We have a specially tailored post-pregnancy diet plan and weight loss program that is well-balanced and safe for mothers.

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How Long Will It Take To Lose Weight Post-Partum?

It is normal for most women to take 6 weeks to lose approximately half the weight they put on during pregnancy. Note that this is an estimation, and will vary from person to person. The real challenge is getting the other half of the weight to come off within the subsequent months (it can take up to 12 months after delivery). Before you begin your post-pregnancy diet, you might want to bear these in mind:

Keep calm and be patient

Set feasible goals for yourself to lose the weight gradually (0.5kg to 2kg a week is acceptable). Remember that what you eat will still affect your child if you are still breastfeeding, so crash dieting is a no-go. Plus, if you are already feeling stressed from adjusting, crash dieting will only add to the stress on your body. In fact, breastfeeding also helps you to burn calories, hence it isn’t a bad thing to continue breastfeeding for a longer time.

Keep your diet healthy

Do not skip meals; it may make you feel weak and will not help you in your post-delivery diet goals. Instead, increase the frequency of your meals (you can have 5 small meals) and decrease the calories per meal – eat low-calorie and high fibre food that will keep you fuller for longer. This will help to maintain your blood sugar levels. To be safe, check with your doctor how many calories would be safe for you to cut from each meal.

Take your time to enjoy your meals; slowing down the pace will make it easier for you to tell if you’re full and will help you to prevent overeating. If you need to snack, choose a healthier substitute like fruits or nuts. Keep yourself hydrated, but with low-calorie liquids like water or tea. And of course, limit the amount of sweets, sugar and fat in your meals.


You may have not been exercising during your pregnancy, so while you should begin to exercise to burn off excess calories, remember not to overdo it. 10 months is a long time, start off with light exercise like walking before you embark on a more rigorous routine. Also, do check with your doctor for the green light to begin exercising—this is especially for women who have had C-section deliveries.


Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss programs also include post-pregnancy diet plan, suitable for mothers who are looking to lose the baby weight they put on during pregnancy. During the program, if you feel you need some external motivation, don’t hesitate to join our support group. Adjusting to the changes in your routines and your body can be challenging, and the company you keep can play a huge role in helping with your weight loss effort.

For more information about our post-pregnancy diet and weight loss program for mothers, contact us at +65 97426428.

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