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Delicious Protein Shakes And Drinks To Lose Weight

Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

You’ve heard many people in Singapore mention protein shakes for weight loss or weight loss shakes when they go on diet. But how do these shakes play a part in helping you lose weight?

Advantages of Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Weight loss diet shakes can help you reduce weight and cut calories quickly and efficiently if used during your weight loss diet plan correctly.

Here are some of the advantages of using weight loss shakes as part of your weight loss program:

  • Diet shakes are as just as effective in helping you lose weight when compared with traditional, structured weight loss diets.
  • Studies show that people who used shakes during their weight control regime tended to be more positive about dieting in general, and favoured the use of meal replacements as they were more convenient than regular food diets.
  • Protein shakes are useful in helping to kick start weight management programs.
  • These weight loss shakes are the solution for people who have a difficult time trying to shed weight (those who cannot exceed even a little bit of their calorie quota).
  • Quick and convenient for busy people who tend to skip meals or for those who think it’s too troublesome to plan each and every weight loss meal. If you are like most people working in Singapore, the long hours you put in at work do not allow much time and energy left for you to prepare a healthy meal. Hence, a convenient diet shake would be a better alternative than the food served in the hawker stalls or fast food restaurants.
  • Research in the health journal of Obesity found that higher levels of protein intake (like that of protein shakes) can help to prevent hunger pangs. Proteins lower the level of ghrelin (a hunger stimulating hormone), which in turn helps to suppress your appetite. Lowering your appetite is essential to weight loss as smaller appetites mean you can have smaller meals that will help to increase your metabolism.

We understand how tiring it is to prepare a meal after a long day at work. Hence, we have created delicious and easy to prepare recipes for protein shakes that are nutritious for dieters following our weight loss programs. Contact us now to find out more.

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Limitations of Protein Shakes

However, if you plan on using weight loss shakes, you need to also bear the following limitations in mind:

  • Diet shakes will not help you lose weight if your calorie expenditure doesn’t exceed calorie intake.
  • Meal replacements and drinks are not meant to totally replace proper meals – yes, they are better than skipping meals, and will help to replace some calories to help your body keep going, but if you do not keep to a minimum intake of 1,200 calories a day, chances are you will feel bad hunger pangs or be ravenous at your next meal. To balance out weight loss shakes, consider having a full breakfast or lunch, and have a protein shake for dinner with a salad. If you want to keep calorie intake to a minimum, substitute breakfast and dinner with a protein shake and a light, healthy snack, but do eat a full, well-balanced lunch.
  • It is not a guaranteed weight control solution, but it is a start for the busy career people in Singapore. It is also healthier than consuming junk food or snacks with low nutritional value.

We have numerous delicious recipes to create wholesome and healthy protein shakes that you can enjoy on our weight management program. To complement these diet shakes, we also have healthy and tasty meal plans so that you do not get bored with the same eating plan during your weight loss journey.

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