Walking To Lose Weight

Gentle And Safe Exercise For Weight Loss

Walking To Lose Weight

For the faint of heart when it comes to the word ‘exercise’, walking to lose weight just might be the deal for you. Walking is a gentle and safe exercises for weight loss for most people without having to do rigorous training. You’ve already had to undergo the physical fitness tests that plague every student in Singapore during your growing up years and you solemnly swear you were just never made for running. That’s okay—take a walk instead. Even though jogging may burn twice as many calories as walking, walking can still help you with losing weight and improve your general fitness level. It’s one of the simplest and commonly over-looked form of exercise because everyone does some of it every day. Of course, to make a dent in your calories, you’d have to walk faster, and more than what you usually do in your daily routine.

What You Eat Is More Important Than Exercise For Weight Loss

However, if you have been diligently going for walks and exercising but still not seeing any weight reduction, you might want to look more closely into your diet. Many people fall into the trap of eating more calories than what they burn (even with exercise).
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What Are The Benefits Of Walking To Lose Weight?


Walking Is A Low Intensity And Impact Exercise

There is less stress on your legs/ knees—this is important for people who seldom exercise, haven’t exercised in a long time, or are overweight. Running can place stress on your knees, so walking is beneficial for people just beginning an exercise regime and you can always adjust your pace to make it more challenging.

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Good For Your Heart And Blood Circulation

Apart from your legs, walking may does not specifically tone or train your body. But if you brisk walk rather than stroll, it will serve as a cardio workout and improve your heart health and cholesterol. It will also help you to burn calories as you go and help you lose weight (not just water weight but fat too!). When you walk, your blood circulation will also improve, and it will help with removing excess fluids that may build up in your lower limbs.

Walking To Lose Weight Is Cost-Free And Flexible

Being Singaporean, we all enjoy benefiting from low-cost deals, or even better, not spending anything at all. There are many parks and nature trails in Singapore that you can enjoy a nice brisk walk. Walking can take place anywhere, anytime. You can work it into the busiest of schedules and there is no monetary commitment. However, because when there is no monetary commitment, it can be difficult to keep the motivation up. You may want to get a couple of friends or join a support group; meeting people and exercising together will make it feel like less of a hassle and more of a social activity. Walking may be second nature to us, but it doesn’t have to be boring!

Before you embark on your mission to walk off the pounds and belly fat, you might want to keep some of these pointers in mind:


Wear proper walking shoes.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive pair of trainers but at least wear a comfortable pair of covered shoes.

Good Posture

Your posture makes a difference in the benefits that you reap from walking. Swing your arms and keep your back straight as you walk.

Proper Way of Walking

Make sure that when you take a step, your heel touches the ground first, then you’re the rest of your feet, toes being the last.

Duration of the Walk

Even though walking does burn calories, it doesn’t mean that walking once in a while will be enough to help you lose weight. You should aim to walk for 30 minutes every day, or have 1-hour walking sessions 3 times a week. If you get bored easily, ask your family or friends to join you, or join our support group.

Alternatively, switch up your walking route so you won’t feel like you’re stuck at the same place all the time. Also, remember to be patient, walking to lose weight will not give you instant weight loss results, but over a period of time.

For more effective weight loss strategies to complement your walking or exercise routine, check out our weight loss programs and weight loss diet plans.

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