Weight Loss Diet Plans

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Weight Loss Diet Plans

By now you would have heard of all the different weight loss diet plans and the different methods you can use to achieve results. There are also numerous diet supplements that are easily available from stores in Singapore. You’ve probably even given some of them a go, only to realize after a short time that most of these weight loss dieting plans are restrictive and require tremendous time, effort and money that you may not have the luxury of spending.


3 to 30-Days Weight Loss Diet Plans

We have come up with a few weight-loss diet plans that we feel are not only healthy and effective, but simple enough to follow so you won’t have to go too far out of your way to achieve your weight-loss goals.

We have the:

These weight-loss diet plans can be tailored to your needs; diet programs that are over-restrictive may not be effective or feasible in the long-run. Hence, it is essential that you find a diet plan that works for you.


Have A Good and Well-Balanced Lunch Even When Dieting

As mentioned previously, we do not encourage total meal replacement. This is because the body still requires vitamins and minerals from a proper, healthy meal plan. Not only that, fibre is also essential to regulate bowel movement. Remember that you should try to diet healthily; if you are planning on replacing breakfast and dinner, do remember to eat a full, well-balanced lunch.

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Here are some guidelines you can consider incorporating into a healthy weight loss diet plan:

  • Avoid processed food when you can – try to pick the healthier choice such fresh or whole food.
    Opting for a full piece of chicken breast, for example, is better than having meatballs.
  • Eat more grains – wholemeal bread is better than white, and brown rice is better than white rice. Furthermore, grains tend to keep you fuller for a longer time, and provide you with a healthy dose of fibre.
  • Include more vegetables in your meal. Choose a variety of vegetables in various colours to provide you with a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of fibre and most veggies are low in calorie, meaning you can eat more to help keep you full without worrying about the calorie.
  • Choose food with low fat, sugar, and salt content.
  • Opt for low-calorie drinks like water or tea – avoid sweeten beverages. Water is the best beverage to consume especially for people living in a hot climate like Singapore. Try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will help to prevent dehydration, and very importantly during weight loss, to wash out the toxin.
  • Keep caffeine levels in check (approximately 3 cups of coffee a day); try not to use sweeteners and creamers. Fresh milk and raw sugar are healthier options.
  • When using meal replacements, do bear in mind that your body also needs time to adjust to the lower calorie intake. Try to incorporate the meal replacements into your weight loss diet plan by gradually easing it into your daily routine (i.e. replace breakfast with the shake for a few days before beginning to replace your dinner as well). Your body will lose weight gradually and in turn there will be less stress on the body during your diet.

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