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Weight Loss Programs

There is a wide range of weight-loss programs available in Singapore. In order to start your weight-loss program, you might first want to take a look at the different options available in order to find the right fit for you. Here at Healthy Weight Loss, we will take your schedule and lifestyle into consideration when formulating your plan in order to optimise the most results from the weight-loss regime.

Our weight-loss programs are categorised into two groups – starter programs and maintenance programs.

Starter Weight-Loss Programs

These are initial plans that will help you kick-start your weight-loss program. These plans are usually stints that aim to help you achieve certain weight-loss goals within a set time-frame. Depending on the weight-loss goals you have set, there are various dieting plans:


Maintenance Programs

As the name suggests, these plans are more gradual and results vary with time. The maintenance program serves as a follow-up for the starter programs, and is aimed at maintaining and retaining weight-loss goals over a long period of time—in other words, weight management.

Our suggestions for a healthy weight management program:


  1. Cut down on meal replacements
  2. You may replace either breakfast OR dinner with a meal replacement, but have a healthy serving of a well-balanced lunch.

  3. Incorporate exercise as part of the program
  4. You don’t have to jump straight into marathons—start with something light and relaxing like brisk-walking or yoga, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long while.

  5. Commit to your weight management program
  6. As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. The pain of this program is the amount of constant effort you need to put in to adjust your lifestyle. Weight control is a lifetime commitment with the incorporation of gradual lifestyle changes and it is the winning formula to help you achieve long term weight loss goals.

  7. Put theory into good use.
  8. Many people are in the know of what they should do to upkeep a healthy lifestyle, but not many put this into practice, and even less are able to maintain the changes for long.


Successful Weight Loss Results

The success of Ann Ling’s weight loss programs is due to many years of personal experience, her interest in health and weight management. Due to her personal success, she has confidently shared her strategies with her customers to help them tackle their weight problems. Read more about the inspiring weight loss success stories shared by our dieters.

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Weight Loss Program - Starter Program

Start Program

Quick weight loss in 3 to 7 days

Weight Loss Program - Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

Long term weight control



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Emotion and Stress/Binge-Eating

It is essential for the dieter’s mental state to remain positive and at the same time, realistic. Setting realistic goals will help you surpass obstacles a step at a time and maintain an optimistic attitude as compared to the feeling low if you set unattainable goals and fall short. Emotions play a part as many people tend to be unaware of the possibility that their emotional issues may be linked to their eating habits—i.e. stress-eating or binge-eating over an upset.

Our Weight Management Program – A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is needed to sustain weight management. Not only does lifestyle and diet play a role, but mentality and emotional well-being are important factors too.


Join Our Weight Loss Support Group

However, losing weight does not have to be a lonely and miserable process — we encourage you to join our weight-loss program and Healthy Weight Loss support group where not only we can help you but you can help others in Singapore with their journey to losing weight the right way.

Do read on for more tips on how you can lose weight and still be able to enjoy your favourite food! For more information, you may contact us at +65 97426428.

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