Weight Loss Success Stories

Inspiring Successful Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss Success Stories

These weight loss success stories are based on real people who have had to deal with weight issues. They have actively and consistently kept up with their weight loss effort and weight management programs and are now happier and healthier individuals.

Successfully Helped Individuals Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Ann Ling have successfully helped many individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. Not only that, many have also managed to maintain their weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The success of Ann Ling’s weight loss programs is due to many years of personal experience, her interest in health and weight management. Through her own struggle with her own weight problem, she has created her own strategies to maintain her weight and lead a healthier lifestyle but still able to enjoy the food that she loves. Due to her personal success, she has confidently shared her strategies with her customers to help them tackle their weight problems.

She understands that losing weight is more than just a physical challenge but also a mental and emotion hurdle. Hence, she is able to empathise with fellow dieters who are struggling with their weight problems. By providing them with effective weight loss management strategies and emotional support, her customers base has grown and many are willing to share their stories to inspire fellow dieters going on this weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Below are real-life examples of fellow dieters who have successfully lose weight and regain their health.
Many thanks to the above individuals for sharing their weight loss success stories.

We welcome all our customers to actively share their weight loss problems and how they managed to cope with them. Through their generosity of sharing valuable knowledge and experiences, we are better able to improve our weight loss programs to help more individuals achieve their weight loss goals. More importantly, we would like all our customers to lead a healthier and happier life.

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Weight Loss Success Stories

Our Founder, Ann Ling

Lost more than 12kg and dropped 2 dress sizes

She had always struggled with her weight problem. Even after spending so much money patronizing numerous slimming centres in Singapore, she was still unable to control her weight gain. Being over-weight not only makes buying clothes difficult, her health was also adversely affected.

Now with the help of Herbalife products and combined with her own weight loss strategies that she has created, she is able to effectively reduced and maintained her weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. She believes in living a balanced life style – enjoying the food that she loves while managing her weight healthily.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Jessie Lee

Lost more than 15kg and dropped 2 dress sizes

Previously, she had gained weight steadily due to stress from work. Before the losing weight, the mother of two was too busy taking care of her business and looking after her family to realise that her health was deteriorating.

Now, after the weight loss, she observed that she has more energy during the day and sleeps better at night. Not only that, losing weight healthily with proper nutrition has improved her health drastically. She looks younger and more radiant than before.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Shu Mei

Lost more than 20kg and more than 10 inches off her waist

Before losing weight, she had low energy level and was easily tired. After losing so much weight, she hardly even pant when going up the stairs. Her friends and family were amazed by how youthful and slim she looks. Her weight loss success story has inspired many of her friends and relatives to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Jeff Looi

Lost 20kg, 7 inches off his waist and dropped from wearing XXL to L

Losing so much weight, getting healthier and fitter has definitely transformed his life. Now, Jeff has more stamina to pursue the activities that he loves and enjoyed a better state of well-being. He believe in paying it forward by sharing his weight loss success stories with fellow dieters.

7-Day Diet Plan - Lose weight in a week

7-Day Diet Plan

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14-Day Diet Plan

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Post-Pregnancy Diet Plan

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