Weight-Loss Tips

10 Effortless Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss Tips

These weight loss tips can give you an advantage whether you’re just beginning your weight loss program or you’re at the stage where you have achieved your ideal weight and need to sustain it. We swear by these 10 effortless weight loss secrets—we hope that you’ll find them helpful too!

Weight Loss Tip #1: Sneak in some healthy food into your diet

Healthier choices tend to consist of lower calories and usually help you to stay full for a longer period of time. In grocery stores or supermarkets in Singapore, look out for the healthier choice logo (a red and white logo with a pyramid) usually found on the side of food packaging. Here are some examples of healthier alternatives/choices:

  • Low-fat dairy products, reduced-sugar versions of drinks (avoid sweet gassy drinks).
  • Snack on fruits and nuts instead of chips and cookies. You can get freeze-dried apple chips if you want the satisfaction of crunching on something; its way healthier than a bag of potato chips!
  • Wholemeal/ multi-grain bread instead of white bread.
  • Brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Low-fat frozen yogurt in place of ice-cream. Yes, there will still be some calories, but there is less fat and less sugar in frozen yoghurt!


Weight Loss Tip #2: Eat More Veggie

Add your favourite vegetables into your meal and reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake. This way, not only will you feel full, you will increase the nutrient and fibre intake while reducing the calories in your diet.

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Weight Loss Tip #3: Choose Healthier Options When Dining Out

These are some of the tips when dining out to help you optimize your ability to choose the healthier option:

  • Baked potatoes instead of French fries
  • Skim/ low-fat milk instead of full-cream milk when you order tea or coffee
  • Choose not to have whipped cream
  • Have something grilled or boiled instead of fried
  • If you must have rice, choose brown rice instead of white when you can

Some eateries now provide information on how many calories the dish contains and reading the menu carefully will also help you make the healthier/ lower calorie choice.

Weight Loss Tip #4: Incidental Exercise

The secret to losing weight with going to the gym – Increase incidental exercise. Incidental exercise refers to any exercise or physical activity that is part of your daily routine. For example, limb the stairs instead of taking the escalator when you’re at the MRT. Standing also burns more calories than sitting down.

Weight Loss Tip #5: Drink More Water

Drink some water or eat some fruits before a meal—this will help you to curb your hunger pangs and prevent you from making impulsive hunger-driven decisions. It will also help you feel less hungry at the start of your meal and you will eat less. If you know ahead of time that you will be attending a function where there will be lots of food to tempt you, try eating a healthy snack before going to prevent yourself from overeating and going over your calorie limit.

Weight Loss Tip #6: Share Your Food

Weight loss tips for food lovers – Share your food with someone. This is a great way of enjoying your favourite indulgence whilst cutting down the calories. Instead of finishing a whole dessert or a pack of chips by yourself, share it with you partner or friend.

Weight Loss Tip #7: Keep Busy

Keep yourself busy/ active. Cultivate hobbies that have nothing to do with food. A lot of people eat due to boredom or when watching television. Cravings only last for a few minutes—distract yourself when you feel the beginnings of a craving and you will be able to refrain from putting on more calories!

Weight Loss Tip #8: Do Not Grocery Shop When Hungry

If you are prone to temptation, don’t do your grocery shopping when you are hungry as you will tend to buy on impulse and most of these buys will include junk food or items that are indulgent and high in calorie count.

Weight Loss Tip #9: Mindful Eating

Practice mindful eating. Eat slowly and savour your food. Eating too quickly can prevent you from gauging how much you are eating. Give your body time to register the amount you have eaten before moving on to the second helping. Another method to avoid overeating is to consume only the portion you have put on your plate—avoid eating from the pan or placing the pan directly in front of you when you are eating. Portioning your food from the start can help to prevent the urge to have a second serving too.

Weight Loss Tip #10: Go Soupy

If you choose food with high-water content or with a soup-base like soup noodles or porridge instead of dry rice or stir-fry noodles, you will feel full more easily without loading too much carbohydrates or calories.
Living in Singapore, food is easily and cheaply available in food courts and hawker centres. These weight loss tips really do not require too much effort and are meant to be non-restrictive, hence you can apply some of these suggestions even when dining out.

They are also not hard and fast rules that you need to set in stone, but guidelines to help you make the healthier choice while lowering the calorie intake. These tips can be applied to all weight loss diet programs and can help you with weight management as well.

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