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Weight Management

Long Term Weight Control

Weight Management

Just completed your weight loss program and need help with long term weight management?
Achieving your weight loss goal is just the beginning of a long-term weight control process. For many individuals working and living in Singapore, many find it difficult to maintain the weight lost due to stress at work and hectic lifestyle.

We understand the challenges of life-long weight management, thus we have designed our weight loss programs into two phases:

  1. First Phase – Starter program
  2. Second Phase – Maintenance Program


Effective Weight Management – Maintenance Programs

After losing weight with the Starter Program, the follow-up maintenance program is aimed at helping individual to retain the weight they have lost and to control their weight over a long period of time – in other words, weight management.

Our Weight Management Strategies:


1. Reduce Reliant on Meal Replacements

The calorie required to maintain your weight is higher than what you would need when trying to lose weight. Hence, replacing two meals a day with meal replacements can be reduced to just once a day. You may replace either breakfast OR dinner with a meal replacement. Have good and well-balanced lunch and a light dinner.

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2. Start Exercising For Long-Term Weight Management

While diet is more important than exercise in losing weight, life-long weight control and healthy lifestyle will inevitably require you to do some form of exercises. Start slow and build up your stamina before doing any activities that are too strenuous. One safe and gentle form of exercises is brisk walking or simply just increase your incidental exercise such as walking to the train station instead of taking a bus.

3. Cultivate Healthy Habits

Weight control is a lifetime commitment with the incorporation of gradual lifestyle changes with health habits. Most dieters who see a rebound in their weight is usually as a result of them sliding back to their previous bad eating habits and lifestyle. Some even gain more weight than before the weight loss. Hence, the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle and weight control cannot be overemphasized.

4. Emotion and Stress/Binge-Eating

Many dieters are faced with the challenge of eating healthily in face of stress from work and a hectic lifestyle. Stress and binge-eating is a common phenomenon in today’s modern society. Many do not realise that they use food as a way to resolve their emotional issues. You might well be one of many who are guilty of seeking comfort and distraction from boredom with unhealthy junk food. Recognising that one has an emotional eating issues is the first step to tackling the problem. It is followed by opting for alternative ways of coping with stress and resolving emotional issues other than stuffing one’s face. The challenge then is to find healthier ways that are just as effective as food in relieving the individual of stress and emotional upsets. Activities such as taking up a hobby or playing with your beloved pet may distract you from reaching for that cookie and also provide you with some relief from boredom and your emotional problems.

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